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<Remilia Scarlet>
Flandre is Remilia's younger sister. Flandre is stated to respect her sister, and Remilia cares for Flandre as shown where she is considering getting her a good tutor in Imperishable Night, but it is unknown how often the two interact. Perfect Memento in Strict Sense states that it's rare (but not nonexistent) to see Flandre and Remilia together. The only time in an official work that they are depicted together is in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, which also shows that Remilia will at least allow Aya to interview Flandre in the first place. The interview shows that although Flandre might respect her older sister, it's to the extent you'd expect a snarky child to. She is willing to outright state when she thinks Remilia is just spouting nonsense, at which point Remilia comes in with a comment that she shouldn't be talking about her older sister like that.

On top of serving Remilia, she presumably serves her younger sister, Flandre Scarlet who is usually not allowed out of Scarlet Devil Mansion due to her emotional instability. However, this is not stated, implied, or depicted in any official work. Someone prepares Flandre's food, which are humans prepared in the shape of pastries and other pleasant things, but it is never stated to be Sakuya.

<Patchouli Knowledge >
Not much is known about the relationship between Patchouli and Flandre. All that is certain is that Patchouli is aware of Flandre's existence and the need to keep her confined to the mansion, as Remilia noted Patchouli was probably causing a rainstorm around the mansion to keep Flandre from getting out.

<Fairy Maids>
They presumably serve Flandre as well.

<Hong Meiling>
In fanworks, Hong Meiling seems to be some sort of big sister or playmate to Flandre (rather than Remilia Scarlet). In comedy works, it can be to throw Meiling in the way of more danger. In serious ones, her laid back approach to her job and uncontrollably friendly nature make her a natural choice for reaching out to an otherwise isolated Flandre. Many fan works depict the two going out of their way to help each other on numerous occasions.

This stems from the fact that they both possess greater powers than those of their sisters Satori Komeiji and Remilia Scarlet. Also, Flandre and Koishi are the younger sister to their sister, who both own a mansion. Some fans think Koishi's ability would make it easier for her and Flandre to communicate.

Depictions with Nue Houjuu is also common. This stems from the fact that Nue's theme ("Heian Alien") sounds similar to Flandre's theme to some.

Depictions with Fujiwara no Mokou has dropped with popularity due to the two above, but are still common. The name Mokou means "Scarlet (younger) Sister" and according to ZUN, it can also mean "Paint me red", but it has no connection to Flandre. Another reason for the pairing (platonic usually) is that Mokou is immortal and has little to fear from Flandre's destructive strength.

Depictions with Suwako Moriya are rather uncommon. The only known relation between Suwako and Flandre is that Suwako also has a spell card to multiply herself.

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"so then will there be none?"
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

-There once was a little girl and nothing she had
-And so this little girl was said to be mad-
-She had nothing to eat-
-she had nothing to wear-
-she had nothing to lose-
-she had nothing to fear-
-she'd nothing to ask and nothing to give-
-and when she did vanish-
-she had nothing to leave-

Destroying absolutely anything and everything
Flandre can destroy anything she wants by moving the "eye" of the object, where the tension is highest, into her hand and pouring her power into it, or in other words, she crushes the "eye" and breaks the target. In Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red she destroyed a meteor with a single hand and without touching it. According to Flandre in the interview : "She went kyu and the meteor went boom".
Cloning herself
Flandre is able to clone herself as seen in one of her Spell Card where she creates 3 clones that helps her in the battle. Grimoire of Marisa states that the clones "attack as they like" which could mean they're able to think independently to some grade. It also categorize it as a Slave Type meaning they're under the command of the original Flandre.
Superhuman Attributes
As a vampire, Flandre possesses superhuman capabilities, such as enhanced strength and speed seeing that she can swing an oversized sword, thought not as quickly as she would like to, and, like her sister Remilia, she has nimbleness of a tengu as well the bodily and regenerative ability. Unlike her sister she is immune to holy magic and light. The only light that is harmful is sunlight, a hazard to all vampires.

(( as a rule i never have her do the destroy anything ability. unless your a rude person with a really fucking stupid shitty oc then i won't mind doing that. this is seriously true. i have found someone like that on this site. her oc was sickening.
any rp must be done within the scarlet manor. Flandre does not wander outside. She is not generally found outside. ever. Unless you want to take her out of the basement by force, she's pretty much not going anywhere.
despite the pictures on here, she isn't really cruel. she's more of a introverted shut in. so don't be surprised if she doesn't find much to say to you. unless of course she finds something interesting about you and asks many questions to keep a conversation going.
other then that, have fun!))

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